Week One

Suggestions for Week One:
Browse the class website, read all the materials, and start thinking critically about the games that you’re playing outside of class!

M 9-25: Introduction to PWR and to the Rhetoric of Gaming

In-class readings:

T 9-26: No Class – Work due

The following is due today (Tuesday). In general, anything listed under a large-font heading is due that day.
Set up your student folder on Stanford Box. Create the following 4 subfolders in your student folder on Box (use the link on the right sidebar to jump to Box):  Rhetorical Analysis || Texts in Conversation || Research-Based Argument || Miscellaneous

Reply to the invitation to become an editor on our WordPress site  up a WordPress account (look for it in your Clutter folder if it doesn’t appear by 5pm today).

Sign up to follow our class blog so that you receive notifications about new blogposts in your email.  See the “follow” option in the upper right of the screen.

Watch the Game Blogpost Walkthrough.  This will give you an overview of the Game Blogpost assignment, which is due on Wednesday by class.

Assignments due: Send the following to Christine by 5pm today at alfano@stanford.edu.

  1. Your student information sheet (upload as doc or pdf)Send this to Christine by 5pm today at alfano@stanford.edu.  Please be sure to indicate PWR 1 and/or Rhetgaming in the subject line of your email.
  2. Your Alter Ego profile.  Go to our Alter Ego Profile slide share, and create your own profile on one of the slides.  You can use my profile (you’ll find it as the second slide) as an example.  This should be completed by 5pm today.  You don’t need to send the alter ego slide to me – simply include it in the slideshare.
  3. Fill out this Doodle poll so we can decide if we have enough people for a special activity one evening this week.


W 9-27: The Rhetorical Situation and Rhetorical Appeals

The following should be completed BEFORE you come to class today (in general, all items listed under a given date are DUE on that date)

Bring your ID with you to class today

Reading/Viewing due:

  • Envision chapter 1: required: p. 7-12 (recommended: p. 2 through 26; start chapter 2).  See Stanford Box.
  • New blogpost on “What is a game?” (Optional)
  • Rhetgaming Rhetoric & Assignment Walkthroughs (coming soon!)
  • Review the class syllabus thoroughly (you are responsible for being familiar with all the details included on the syllabus!)
  • Read the following two articles.  Try to read critically, rhetorically, and mindfully.
    • Robbie Cooper, excerpt from Alter Egos: Avatars and their Creators (also handed out in class).  No need to read deeply – our conversation about this will be cursory.  Read to get a feel of the rhetorical strategies in play and the different types of gamers that are represented. Ask yourself: What is the argument? How is that argument composed/delivered?
    • Mary Flanagan & Helen Nissenbaum, “Uncovering Values at Play“.  You’re welcome to read the entire selection, but what I’m really hoping is that you’ll focus in on 2-3 of the examples they discuss (Ico, Flower, Beyond Good & Evil, Angry Birds, FarmVille, and/or Call of Duty) to assess how persuasive their argument is, how they use example to support it, and how you might similarly find embedded values in games.  Again, we will touch on this only briefly, so no need to read too deeply. We may even defer talking about it until Monday.

Writing due:

Miscellanous due:

  • Start looking for your own text for rhetorical analysis
  • Consider coming to see me in my extra office hours this week to say hello or brainstorm about the rhetorical analysis assignment.  Sign up here.

COMING UP NEXT WEEK: Rhetorical Analysis draft due Wednesday; first conferences!