Week Four

Su 10-15: No Class – work due

Writing due: Rhetorical Analysis revision. Be sure to re-read the assignment sheet (especially the final pages) to make sure that you have fulfilled the assignment completely and correctly. Upload to your Rhetorical Analysis subfolder on Stanford Box



(Strongly recommended, but not required) Viewing due:  Jane McGonigal, “Gaming Can Make a Better World.” TED talk. February 2010.

Miscellaneous (Important) – Below are your “teams” for Monday’s class activity.  Try to wear your team colors to class to show some team spirit:

  • Blue team: Amelia, Amanda, Michelle, Niki
  • Red team: Ryan, Brad, Louis
  • Yellow team: Andrew, Jacob, Jack
  • Green team: Nikita, Ying Hang, Max

Bring your ID to class today

In-Class Link:


T 10-17: NO CLASS – Assignment due

You have TWO minor assignments due by noon on Tuesday, 

  1. Go to our Research Topic Google Doc, and list the prospective research topic idea.  As you decide what topic to list, consider  the feasibility of the topic you’re suggesting (can you find sources on it?) and phrase your topic description in a way that would make it clear for a non-gaming audience (for instance, write out “downloadable content” instead of DLC or first-person shooter instead of FPS so that a general, non-gaming audience can understand).  Email me if you have any questions!
  2. Complete the Library Prep assignment:
    • Watch “How to Use Searchworks” video
    • Then use Searchworks to search for a text on your proposed research topic (to show that you watched it and know how to use Searchworks) and find at least one citation that in some way relates to your topic
    • KEY STEP: Following the instructions on the video, send the citation THROUGH SEARCHWORKS to both me (alfano@) and our librarian, Felicia (felicias@). In the “MESSAGE” field that pops up when you send through Searchworks, please write a brief note about what topic you think you might work on for your research-based argument.  NOTE – just sending us the citation through email doesn’t count. Please follow the instructions on the video about sending the citation through Searchworks.


W 10-18: Library Workshop: Search and Research 

IMPORTANT: Instead of going to our classroom, please meet at 9:30am inside the east entrance of Green Library (the entrance by Coupa Cafe).  Please be prompt!

Writing due:

  • TiC Preliminary Blog post. This involves 1. finding a source, 2. reading a source, and 3. writing about your topic and the source on our class blog.  Follow the directions on the assignment sheet.  Questions? Email me!
  • Complete our mid-term evaluation form for our class

In-Class link: Refining your topic


Th 10-19: NO CLASS – Assignment due

Writing due: TiC preliminary bibliography



COMING UP NEXT WEEK: TiC full draft due on Monday; conferences next week on TiC








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