Week Eight

Suggestions for Week Eight:

You’ll probably be still reading and working with sources as you start writing your first draft, and that’s okay. Just try to expedite the process by always thinking: where does this fit into my argument? That way you’ll have a better sense of how to integrate it into your draft.

If possible, you’ll want to collect all your surveys and finish all your interviews by the middle of the week so you can think about the results and how they can be used in relation to your argument.

Also, as always, don’t forget that you are writing AN ARGUMENT, so keep thinking about what claim you are making and how to best leverage your sources to support it.

M 11-13: Research/read/write day

See email for additional details about research/read/write day

Reading due:


  • Fill out the peer review input form.  This survey will help me determine groups for this week’s peer review, so be sure to complete this step!
  • Sign up for your mandatory RBA appointment with Christine – this appointment can take place during this week or the week after Thanksgiving (most people prefer that week), but please sign up before Friday, November 18, no matter which week you plan to meet with me.

Reminder: You are required to sign up for and attend one appointment with a Hume writing consultant before the end of the quarter (see official assignment sheet). If you have already seen an Hume tutor (even if it was for a different class), write me and let me know so that you get credit!


T 11-14: No Class – Assignment due

Writing due: RBA Draft #1 is due today by 5pm.  Please upload it to your RBA Box folder so your peer review partner(s) can access it.

Reading due: Read the email about peer review that should arrive in your inbox by 3pm today.



W 11-15: peer review, researching, and writing

Reading due:

  • Your own sources
  • Read & annotate your peer review partners’ first drafts (read both of them; use the peer review guidelines to help you annotate and for instructions for your peer review comment!). Peer review partners for Draft #1: Max-Jacob-Jack | Nikita-Louis | Andrew-Amelia | Niki-Ryan | Ying Hang-Amanda | Michelle-Brad
  • Read in full at least one of the sample essays:

Miscellaneous due:

  • Sign up for your mandatory RBA conference.  Everyone must sign up by Friday!!! (The appointment itself can happen this week or the week after Thanksgiving, so skip ahead using the tabs at the bottom).
  • Reminder: Sign up for your Hume Center appointment through sututor.stanford.edu if you haven’t done so already!  See the official assignment sheet for recommended tutors and details about how to sign up.

In class links:

COMING UP NEXT WEEK:  Thanksgiving Break!





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