Texts in Conversation (TiC)

 Texts in Conversation AssignmentThis 1800+ word assignment marks the beginning of your research project. Having chosen a topic related to gaming culture, you will write an essay through which you’ll examine how the different sources, voices, and perspectives inform the larger conversation about the issue you are exploring. In addition, your essay will be accompanied by an annotated bibliography of 8 sources. Preliminary blog post due W 10/18; Preliminary annotated bibliography due Th 10/19; Full draft due M 10/23; Revision due T 10/31. (25% of class grade)

Key Assignment Links & Handouts:

Samples: research topics

  • Former research topics list

Samples: preliminary blogposts

Sample bibliographies: 

Sample full TiC

Additional samples that might be useful

Additional readings from to help with TiC

  • Envision chapter 8, p. 298-299 on decorum; chapter 3, p. 110-116 Style in Argument
  • Envision chapter 7 on MLA citation style
  • Advice on style handout (distributed also in class)

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