Rhetorical Analysis (RA)

Rhetorical Analysis: This 1500+ word assignment asks you to analyze the rhetorical strategies of a text of your choice that makes an argument about gaming culture, for instance, the trailer for GTA V; a print ad for Game of War; an editorial cartoon about connections between first person shooters and school shootings; an op-ed about Minecraft; or a game review from Gamespot or IGN. Draft #1 due Thursday, October 1; Draft #2 due Sunday, October 4; Final version due Sunday, October 11 by 5pm (electronic upload). (20% of class grade).

Assignment sheets & Handouts:

Sample Essays (required):

Sample materials (other – optional)

Additional Resources (optional)

  • David Rosenwasser and Jill Stephen, “Evolving a Thesis” from Writing Analytically
  • How Not to Write A College Essay About Videogames” (this blogpost provides interesting insight into one college instructor’s observations about some of the typical problems students encounter when they write an essay about gaming.  Be sure to use the mouse roll-over feature)
  • MLA Style Handout (if you need help with MLA style for in-text citations or your works cited)

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