Second Life: the worst simulation I’ve ever experienced

The negative opinions I had of the simulation Second Life were only reinforced by attempting the simulation. I started by choosing the default character that came up, a scantily clad female wearing virtually (no pun intended) nothing. Think even less on than Lara Croft.

I tried going to several places, starting out in the “popular” places with all of 45 people! While the visuals were okay when they finally loaded, the absurd waiting time for just seeing a character (usually not clothed) hardly made the simulation worth it. There were very few people and those who did talk seemed more interested in going to an “adult” world than anything else.

I started in Halloween Town, and like the festive touches but was completely bored. Then I went to Freebie Island, and while free stuff is great, I was equally bored. There was no emotional investment in this game and no excitement factor. Even more scantily clad women here. I checked out various other places and found all of them equally disappointing.

It’s no wonder that Second Life’s popularity is going down hill. After playing the simulation I find the graphics subpar and the website difficult to navigate and obnoxious to run/install. The graphics are acceptable once they finally load, but the long waiting time isn’t worth it. Other people in the world are boring to talk to and usually interested more in the “mature” side of the simulation.

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