Fall ideas for research topics

As we head into the third week of the quarter, now is the time to start brainstorming topic ideas.  Your research project should be focused on a topic related to gaming culture, though you might look at that topic through any one of a variety of different lenses, for instance:

  • education
  • gender studies
  • ethics and/or law
  • software development
  • sports/fitness
  • psychology
  • business/marketing

The goal is to find a topic that 1. you are interested in 2. could sustain rigorous research and 3. has some tension or issue related to it so that ultimately you can make a claim about it.

This process of discovering a viable topic is part of the rhetorical canon of invention and is an important first step in setting the groundwork for making a powerful argument.

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5 Responses to Fall ideas for research topics

  1. Quentin Perrot says:

    – Game frustration in video games
    – Freedom in games: in terms of mobility, story direction, active participation
    – Business model of Nintendo – why does it seem so different?
    – Rise of YouTube gaming channels

    All these seem really interesting and could be researched fairly thoroughly.

  2. jackzhu says:

    From the Blue Team:
    Here are some of the topics we were thinking about:
    – Crime that crosses game boundaries (eg. Bank theft in Second Life)
    – International unification through the rise of E-Sports
    – Collaborative influence on a game’s goals
    – Place of the “Fourth Wall” in video games

  3. starkey480 says:

    Yellow Team:
    Does Wii fit really work?
    Effects of real world trading in games
    Could video games be used for physiotherapy?
    Virtual Training : mindset

  4. Green Team!!!! (green was a difficult color to find in our wardrobes)

    -Gaming as a profession or gaming as a sport?
    -Cheating in general
    -Consumerism/ virtual money
    -Gender representation in games/implications

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