Peer Review (Madison, Jack, Kaitlyn)


Our group had a very productive meeting on the first floor of the Arrillaga Dining Hall. We talked about the pros and cons of structuring our essays by topic or chronologically. Another big topic was making a point or claim in all of our papers. Kaitlyn had already made some changes to her original draft, and she did a really good job of incorporating more description into her first few paragraphs. I realized that I needed to have a better hook in my opening paragraph, and to better tie my essay together. Jack did a good job of drawing in the reader through descriptive language, but wants to do a better job of structuring his essay. Overall, we had a great time, and got great feedback from each other!

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One Response to Peer Review (Madison, Jack, Kaitlyn)

  1. Christine Alfano says:

    The question over structure (linear or block structure) is definitely a good one to wrestle with together: I’m also glad that everyone walked away with some constructive feedback s/he could think about during revision. Thanks for the post, and also for the happy picture (the picture from the previous group had left me feeling a bit sad …)

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