Week Ten

M 3-9: Polishing and revising your research-based argument

Writing due:

In-class links:

  • Office of Judicial Affairs: What is plagiarism?
  • Plagiarism self-check:  At the linked page, under “Free and Open Exercises”, go to the green box in the upper right corner that says “Research Exercises and Results” > Click again on “Research Exercises and Results”> hit “cancel” when asked to register > Click on “MLA Ex 54-1″ (second one on list) > select Exercise 55-1 on “Avoiding Plagiarism” > take the diagnostic test
  • Game Over


W 3-11: No Class – group conferences and primary source party in the evening

Writing due at the time of your group conference:

  • Annotations and completed peer review form for each of your peer review partners’ essays.
  • Peer Review partners and group conference schedule:
    • Group 1: W March 11 9:15-10am – John, Nathaniel, Daniel
    • Group 2: W March 11 10am-10:45am – Bradley, CJ, Jordan
    • Group 3: W March 11 3:15-4pm – Hayk, Bryan, Dalton
    • Group 4: Th March 12 2:30-3:15pm – Sidney, Kaitlyn, AT
    • Group 5: Fr March 13 3:15-4pm – Jonas, Oishi, Stuart

Tentative Schedule for Primary Source Party: Wednesday, March 11 in Wallenberg 125 (our classroom) from 7:30-9pm.  Please RSVP as soon as possible to let me know if you can attend or not.

line2M 3-16: No class, but final RBA due by 4:30pm to my Sweet Hall office: room 310

  • Final Project slide.  Upload to coursework and also include a print out with your RBA.   Please submit only ONE slide.  See the assignment sheet for more specifics. This is a revision of the drafted slide you completed for last Monday’s class.
  • Revised RBA due.  Upload to Coursework and also turn in a printout to my Sweet Hall office (room 320) by 4:30pm.  Be sure to review the assignment sheet to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of the assignment.  Remember that there is a REFLECTIVE MEMO associated with this assignment (which you would know from reading/reviewing the assignment sheet…)  If possible, please use your colored folder (the one you used all quarter) for submitting your RBA, though that’s not mandatory. Please hand in anything related to your drafting process that is NOT electronic (peer review materials that were handed to you in hard copy form; my comments on your drafts, etc.).  If you are including peer review materials, please write the names of the peer reviewers on the tops of their materials so I know whom to credit for the work.

One thought on “Week Ten”

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